Announcing Healthy Discussions

I am very excited to announce that I am hosting a brand-new podcast from the TEKSide Network. It’s called Healthy Discussions, and it is the first podcast to specifically focus on Apple Health and all of the amazing benefits that Apple Health has to offer!

In each episode, I will be focusing on how we can use Apple Health to make better decisions about our health.

We will talk about the hardware—iPhones, Apple watches, and the many other devices that can augment your Apple Health experience.

We will talk about the apps—on the phone, the watch, and even some of the software that runs on third-party wearables as well.

We will talk food tracking, habit tracking, activity tracking, health records, how to set up your Medical ID, and why you should do it (if you don’t already know).

We will dive in to some of the lesser-known features of Apple Health, and the changes that we know are coming to it in iOS 13, and the ones we wish were coming! And yes, we will talk about how the actual Health app itself is still all not that great, and never has been, but has so much potential and so many features under the hood.

And I hope to have interviews with people like you, where we discuss how they’re using Apple Health to make their lives fuller, richer, happier, healthier?

And most importantly, I want this to be a conversation. I want to hear your feedback, your questions, your ideas. How are you using Apple Health? In a constantly changing world of health technology, none of us can claim to be experts, and there is always something new and different just around the corner. Let’s talk about it here! TEKSide is the perfect place for this, after all—where we have “casual conversation from technically passionate people”. So tweet at the podcast at @applehealthcast, and let me know what you hope to hear about on the show, or ask me about anything.

You can expect new episodes in your feed on Saturdays. The first full episode will hit your feed in July, with subsequent episodes available in your podcast feed every 4 weeks. There may also be a few bonus episodes in-between, as well as blog posts, occasional reviews, and who knows—maybe even a video or two, all available on You can also find me on Twitter at @krc2, or right here at

You can follow one of the links below to subscribe and catch the preview episode, and follow the podcast on Twitter at @applehealthcast. Then come back in July for what is sure to be the first of many Healthy Discussions.


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A version of this post first appeared on the TEKSide Network. You can find it here.

Living the Space Gray Life

The idea for this website in its current form and title came from an offhand comment I made while recording an episode of Apple Juice Cast, my first regular podcast. Justin, my co-host, was talking about how he hoped the next generation of iPhones would be more colorful. He was tired of the black and white of the flagship phones. “Give me some color!” he said. I responded with a recommitment to “the space gray lifestyle”, as I called it.

As I tweaked some of content on this website later that night, planning to launch it with a domain name that mirrored my own, it occurred to me: what if I had stumbled onto the perfect domain for me? I have been an on and off Mac computer user for years. I have always chosen a Mac whenever my job and budget allowed. My first iPhone was a black iPhone 3G, and I’ve carried an iPhone ever since. 

As soon as Space Gray debuted, most of my Apple products seem to have morphed into something in that color. At the time of this post’s publishing, I have an iPhone X, iPad Mini 5, 13” MacBook Pro, aluminum Apple Watch Series 3, Magic Mouse 2—all in Space Gray. (I have a Magic Keyboard in white—the Space Gray one was just too ridiculously expensive and hard to find when I needed one.) As I sit here typing this, I am wearing a light gray athletic shirt, and darker gray shorts. (I may have a problem.)

I committed to this color without really thinking about it. As I’ve psychoanalyzed this choice, I like to think it’s a representation of me—solid, not flashy, usually has the right tools for the job, and sometimes needs to be updated. As you can see from the photo above, Space Gray comes in many shades, but I find all of them quite lovely.

I am and always have been interested in technology—how to use what we have now in the best way possible, and what might be coming next. That’s why you can find me on the TEKSide Network, with a cadre of other people who are interested in those things, too. I’m also kind of a data geek—that’s why Apple Health and all its initiatives fascinate me—and why I’m launching a podcast called Healthy Discussions that focuses on that very topic in July 2019.

This isn’t an “about me” post—that will come soon as I continue to develop this venture, but I wanted to share why I chose this name instead of, which just points you right back here. Who’s Ken Cooper? Most of you don’t know me yet. But there’s a lot of us out there living the space gray life. This site is for all of you. I just happened to get here first.